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Reprint of The Secret Life of Pears


I’m going to produce a second printing of my book, The Secret Life of Pears. I’ll have details about size and; price + shipping soon.

This is a review of the sold out series

by Sirrus Poe (VLQ Fiction Editor)

Ah, the ability of an artist to tell us a story with the delicate movement of the bristles of his brush. There is such a thing as not having to say anything to get your idea across, a strange concept for those of us who use words to form lines of poetry, or sentences to help push along a story. Joe LaCorte does this with precision and skill with this collection of oils that portray the human condition through the ability of giving life to inanimate objects such as the pear.

The pears here are of different shapes, colors, and movement and in these human characteristics give the person taking in these works a chance to step back and contemplate the life contained. Not the actual life of these pears, but of our own life and the way we interact with one another. We are able to see the reflection of ourselves and those around us within these brush strokes, and it is not always a picture of perfection. As life shows us each day, through day to day headaches, to war, to lost love and ridicule these pears attempt to let us stop for a moment and consider what choices we make in our own lives.

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