Goleta Valley
Oil 0n canvas
We don’t often see clouds here in Santa Barbara. After a rare rain storm the air is so clean and the clouds so puffy.

Goleta Valley
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Excuse Me

I often walk down State St. and I like to zip through at a lively pace. Sometimes I come upon a group of people walking or talking and taking up the whole sidewalk. All I can do is squeak through and say “Excuse Me”.

Oil on canvas


Heavenly Sky

On my way to the Santa Barbara Airport I was lucky to come upon this beautiful sunset. I pulled over and took a bunch of photos of different stages of the sunset. This view was the most dramatic. airport sunset 9×12″
Oil on canvas
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Mission Creek at Rocky Nook Park

This was painted from a reference photo I took several years ago. It’s back when we still and green trees and water flowing in our creeks. What caught my eye was the streak of light shinning across the rocks.

mission creek at rocky nook36 x 24″
Oil on canvas

Super Moon

​I’ve been on mission to do nocturnal paintings,
I’m not a morning person so this firs me well.
This Super moon was painted from the bed
of my pickup at Goleta Beach CA


Oil on Canvas

Santa Cruz Island

It was a cloudy day and the prospects looked bad.
 I kept looking for an edge, something that was special.
That’s when I saw the colors of grey
oil on canvas board